Today We Are Talking About TATA AIA LIFE INSURANCE With Full Details.

One Such Life Insurance Policy Of Tata In Which We Will Not Only Get Insurance Cover But Also Get Fixed Income Up To Lakhs Every Year.

What Is This Scheme And How You Can Invest In It, You Will Know In This Article?

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Now In Today’s Video, We Are Going To Talk About Tata AiA Life Insurance Policy. Which Along With Insurance Also Gives a Fixed Income. So Let’s Know One By One. With Complete Information About This Policy. So In This Article, We Are Basically Going To Talk About The Fortune Guarantee Flap Policy Of Tata Ai Life Insurance Plan.

  • So First Let Us Know What Is This Policy After All?

So The Most Important Thing About This Plan Is That It Is Unlinked From The Market. That Is, Even If There Is Any Fluctuation In The Market, Then It Will Not Have An Effect On It. In This, We Get A Fixed Income For Some Time And After Some Time We Get Back All Our Deposited Premium. For How Long Do We Need Fixed Income In This? We Can Also Choose This Duration Ourselves. When We Go To Buy Tata Ai’s Fortune Guarantee Plus Policy, We Get Two Types Of Options There. One Is Regular Income And The Other Is Income With Critical Unless And benefits. So If We Choose The Option With Regular Income Here, Then Consider It As An Example. Suppose My Age Is 25 And I Want To Purchase Fortune Guarantee Plus Policy. So I Want To Choose Term Plan of 12 Years. After This, I Want To Choose Premium Payment Term Here for 10 Years. With This, The Premium That I Can Pay Every Year Can Choose 1 Lakh Rupees. Now Out Of This Which Will Be My Basic Sum Assured, I Have Selected 13 Lakh Rupees. So At The Annual Premium Of 1 Lakh For The Duration Of 10 Years, I Have To Pay A Premium Of a Total of Ten Lakh, Because Here I Have Chosen The Policy Term Of 12 Years. So On Depositing Premium Of 10 Years, I Will Have To Wait For 2 Years And After That I Will Start Getting A Fixed Income In The Coming Years And If I Choose A Duration Of 20 Years Here, Then I Will Have To Come After 13 Years For Fixed Income For The Next 20 Years, A Fixed Income Of 1 Lakh 10440 Rupees Will Continue To Be Available Every Year.

If I Choose A Duration Of 25 Years Here, Then I Will Get 1 Lakh 10430 Rupees Every Year For The Next 25 Years. On The Other Hand, If I Choose The Duration Of my Income As 30 Years, Then I Will Continue To Get 1lakh 8720 Rupees Every Year For 30 Years.

Here We Just Need To Keep One Thing In Mind The Sum Of Policy Term And Income Period Should Never Exceed 50 Years. So It Has Become A Matter Of Regular Regular Income Policy.

Let’s Move Forward, Now We Will Talk About Regular Income With Critical Indus Liebenefit.

In This Suppose The Policy Holder Has Chosen A Premium Payment Duration Of 10 Years And After Paying The Premium For 2 2 3 Years, He Suddenly Also Gets An Illness Which Will Be Waived Off Immediately For The Rest Of The Premium. And That Regular Income Was To Start After Some 20 – 25 Years. It Will Start Instantly. So This Is A Very Good Thing About This Policy.

Now Just One Thing To Note Here Is That If The Policy Holder Has Any Disease Already, Then It Will Not Be Considered In It.

  • Here People Also Get Very Confused That Which One Should We Choose?

So I Believe That The First Plan I.e. Regular Income Plan Is More Beneficial For Us. But Once You Know This Policy Well, Buy The Plan According To Your Own. Now We Discuss Once More Important Features About This Policy. So In Tata Ai Line Insurance We Also Get Loan Facility As Well As Cylinder Facilities But for Both These Facilities We Have To Buy a Policy That Is Given After Two Years.

Apart From This, The Minimum Entry Age Is 18 Years And the Maximum Entry Is 60 Years. So If You Want To Invest In This Policy, Then Below We Have Given A Link To The Website Of Tata Life Insurance, You Can Go There And Choose This Plan.

VISIT DIRECT & BUY AIA LIFE INSURANCE – https://www.tataaia.com

So, Friends, That’s All For Today, See You With Another Comment. Till Then, Take Care Of Yourself, If You Feel Like Taking Care Of Yourself, Then You Can Go And Take It. The Rest Is Your Choice. I Had To Give Information To All Of You, Which Has Given Complete Information To All Of You About It.


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