Hello Friends How Are You All – Hope You All Will Be Fine. So Today We Are Going To Talk About Upi Limit.

What Is The Limit Of Upi On Today’s Date? Many People Do Not Know That What Is The Limit Of Upi, How Much Money We Can Send In A Day, How Much We Can Receive. How Much Money Can We Send From One Upi Id In A Day? Didn’t Know, So In Today’s Comment I Am Going To Tell All The Things. Today I Am Going To Tell You All The Limits Of Upi. Whether You Use Google Pay Or Pay Phone Or Use Any Paytm Upi, Upi Is Used Inside Them, So We Are Going To Talk About The Limit Of Upi Only.

Let’s Start Upi Which Is All You Will Get To See Inside The Payment App. It Is Being Used Every Day. Google Pay Ho Gaya Phone Pay Ho Gaya And Paytm Ho Gaya, You Will Get To See Upi Inside All. You Will Get To See Upi In The Mobile Banking Application Which Is The Bank’s Own. Now The Bank Has Also Started Giving The Option Of Upi. Then Nowadays Upi Is Used A Lot. Nowadays Everyone Uses Upi To Pay Money. The Full Form Of Upi Is Unified Payments Interface, Now Here Many People Think That Brother Bank Is A Part Of The Bank, Some Upi Is A Part Of The Bank, Which Is Totally Different. Banks Are Different, Upi Is Different. As Sbi Bank Is Different, Axis Bank Is Different And Hdfc Is Different And Some Are Of Private Bank, Are Government Bank So It Is Different For All Banks. It Is A Different Company, This Upi Is Totally Different From This. Upi Does Not Have Any Connection With The Bank, But They Are Connected To Make Payments. Upi Is A Gateway Means There Is A Way To Make Payment. So If We Have To Make Payment Through Upi, Then We Have To Link Our Bank Account With Upi, Only Then We Will Be Able To Make Payment.

Now There Are Different Types Of Accounts Inside The Bank And Those Accounts Have Different Limits. What Is The Difference Between This And The Reader On Upi?

It Will Be Known Later – Now The Limit Of Upi Is Totally Different. So First Of All We Talk About The Limit Of Upi, Whether You Do Google Pay, Phone Pay Or Paytm, Any App You Use, There Is Upi Inside All Of Them. So The Limit Of Upi Is Same In All, The Same Upi Limit Works On All The Apps. So The Limit Of Upi Is The Limit Of One Day, That Is 1 Lakh Rupees In A Day, You Can Pay One Lakh Rupees Through Upi. Anyone And Whatever The Transaction Limit Is, You Can Do Ten-ten Transactions In A Day. Can’t Do More Than This And Can’t Send Above One Lakh. Now That One Lakh Rupees, Whether You Send It In One Go Or You Send Ten Thousand In Ten Times, Then This Is The Limit, Today’s Date Is Over And If You Want To Make A Payment Request Through Upi So There Is An Option Of Payment Request In Upi, So Those Who Can Make Payment Request Can Make Only Two Thousand Rupees For A Day. Now This Limit Works For 24 Hours. As I Told You, There Are 24 Hours In A Day, So If You Start Making Payments From 12 O’clock Tonight, You Can Pay An Amount Up To One Lakh By 12 O’clock The Next Night. After That, On The Second Day, Your Limit Will Start Again There. If It Starts Next, Then From The Next Day You Can Again Make The Same Amount. Can Start One Lakh And Ten Transactions And Request Two Thousand. So This Is Upi.

Many People Say That Brother, This Does Not Happen In Us. It Is Not Like This In Our Case, When I Make This Payment, I Am Able To Make Twenty Thousand Within That. I Can Do 20 Thousand But I Can’t Do Much. So, As I Told you Just Now That The Limits Of The Bank Also Depend On Something, You Must Have Seen Many Accounts, There Is A Saving Count, 0 Balance, Current Account, So As There Are Many Accounts, They Are Different. There Is A Different Limit That There Is 0 Balance, Its Limit Is Ten Thousand Rupees, You Can Withdraw In A Month. He Has A Limit For One Day. In A Month You Can Withdraw Ten Thousand And Transfer Ten Thousand. Can’t Withdraw More Than That, 0 Is Inside The Balance And There Is A Savings Account, So The Savings Account Also Has Different Limits, You Have A Maximum Limit Of One Lakh, That Also Depends On How Much Limit Is There In Your Bank Account.
Do Keep That Thing In Mind. You Will Be Able To Do Only As Much As The Limit Is In Your Bank Account, You Cannot Do More Than This. If The Limit In Your Bank Account Is One Lakh Or More Then Only You Will Be Able To Pay On Upi. The Rest Of The Maximum Limit Of Pay Is One Lakh, There Is Ten transactions And There Is An Option Of Two Thousand Requests. If You Keep This Thing In Mind Then It Depends On The Limit Of The Bank. So If You Are Facing Any Such Problem, Then Check The Limit Of Your Bank Account Before That What Is The Limit Of The Bank Account? The Lower The Limit Of Your Bank Account, The Higher The Limit, The Maximum You Will Be Able To Pay.


Now Many People Also Say That Brother, We Have Different Apps Like Google Pay, and Phone Pay, So Can We Send 1-1 Lakh From Different Apps, Then I Can Tell You Any UPI. Use The App, You Can Send From 1 Bank Only Once.


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