What is bitcoin and how does it work? Are bitcoin a good investment? FACTSKINGDOM

What Is Bitcoin Full Details? Bitcoin Buy Or Not

Before Knowing About Bitcoin, Bitcoin Is Such A Currency That No One Can See It, It Is A Virtual Currency, We Work To Send It From One Place To Another Through An Electronic Form Or Keep It Like We People On Paytm, Google Pay, Or In Any Bank, We Do The Work Of Keeping Money, In The Same Way, What Happens Here Is That You Can Keep It In Your Account Online Here. Talking About The Trend Of Bitcoin, In The Last Few Years, It Has Started Being Used A Lot, Such As You Will Get To Hear About It In The News Or On Youtube, Or In Many Places. You Can Buy Bitcoin In Any Currency, Such As – Dollars, Rupees, Dinar Etc Or You Can Buy Bitcoin In The Currency Of Any Country, So Let’s Talk About The Last, Should You Buy Bitcoin Yes Or Not? What Happens, Everything Will Be Known In This Blog. What is bitcoin and how it works? Are bitcoin a good investment? FACTSKINGDOM

What Is Crypto Currency?

Cryptocurrency Is Only A Virtual Currency, It Does Not Have Any Shape Or Design. It Is Like A Currency Made On A Computer, You Will Get To See The Currency Present Only On The Internet, It Cannot Be Controlled By Anyone Else, and It Does Not Have Any Effect Of Demonetization. Like A Few Years Ago In India, Many People Lost Due To Demonetization, But There Is No Problem With Demonetization Here. There Are Many Types Of Cryptocurrencies In The World Like – Bitcoin, Red Coin, Sia Coin, Ethereum, Ripple (xrp), And Monero.

Nowadays, Cryptocurrency Is Seen To Be A Bit More Popular Because A Lot Of People Get To See Profit In Crypto Here.

What Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Is A Virtual Currency.  It Is Important To Know That Bitcoin Is An English Word ‘crypto’, Which Means Secret. Bitcoin Works Based On The Laws Of Cryptography. Cryptography Means That There Should Be An Art Of Solving Coding Languages. There Are Many Types Of Bitcoins That Save In A Bitcoin Wallet. This Is What We Use To Do A Secure Online Transaction. It Comes In 0 And 1 Series. Which Is A Bit Difficult To Understand. 

There Is Potential For Both Profit And Loss In Bitcoin.

Use  Of Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Is Used In Many Different Online Transactions. It Works On A P2p (peer-to-peer) Network. Nowadays Most Online Developers And Ngos Use It For Online Transactions.

Online Payment Happens Here As Well As We Do Transactions In The Bank. We Can Find Out That The Payment Has Been Made. If You Make A Payment, The Record Of Bitcoin Is Not In The Public Ledger. It Cannot Be Tracked When An Exchange Is Taking Place Between Two Persons. Its Record Can Be Seen Only Twice, Once When Someone Has Bought It And The Second Time When Someone Is Selling It. Means:- Here Everyone Can Keep Safe Bitcoin.

Will It Be Right To Invest Money In Bitcoin Or Not?

If We Talk About The Last Few Years, According To Data, From The Year 2010 To 2018 People Have Earned A Lot Of Profit By Investing Money In Bitcoin. See, Everyone Has Their Own Point Of View, Yet It Is Not Necessary That Everyone Should Be Profitable. Every Year The Graph Of Bitcoin Keeps Going Up And Down, So Keep In Mind That Before You Invest Money In It, You Should Have Complete Information About It. Meaning What Is The Condition Of Bitcoin At The Time When You Are Thinking Of Investing Money?

How Secure Is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Uses Block Chain Technology, Meaning Its Data Is Stored In Many Computers, Which Means If You Forget Or Your Data Is Removed From One Computer, Still All Your Data Is Stored In Another Computer, Which Means Your Data Is Safe.

How To Do Business In Bitcoin?

Bitcoin Is Stored In A Digital Wallet. You Can Only See It, You Cannot Touch It. Its Price Is Not The Same Everywhere. Its Price Is Volatile, It Depends On The Activities Of The World. No One Knows When Its Price Will Increase Or When It Will Go Down. There Is No Fixed Time For Crypto Trading, Its Price Fluctuates.

How Safe Is It To Invest Money In Bitcoin?

In 2013 Rbi Told The Press That It Is Not Officially Permitted, But It Does Carry Some Risks. This Means You Have To Keep In Mind That If You Forget Your Password Then You Will Lose Your Money Forever. Sometimes The Price Of Bitcoin Falls By 30 To 40 Percent In A Single Day Without Any Warning. Which Can Cause A Lot Of Damage. So Think Carefully Before Going Into It.

What Is The Rate Of Bitcoin?

Currently, The Price Of 1 Bitcoin In India Is INR 18,48,155. There Is No Control Over Its Authority, So Its Prices Keep On Increasing And Decreasing Almost Daily According To The Market.

Benefits Of Bitcoin:-

1. Bitcoins Can Be Sent Anywhere In The World And In Any Country.

2. Its Account Is Not Blocked Like Sometimes Bank Accounts Are Blocked If There Is Any Problem.

3. It Can Be Used For International Transactions And There Are Transaction Fees.

Disadvantages Of Bitcoin:-

If You Want To Know About Profit, Then It Is Important To Know About Its Disadvantages.

Its Biggest Disadvantage Is That If Your Data Is Hacked And Cannot Be Recovered Or If You Forget The Password Then You Lose All Your Bitcoins.

How To Buy Bitcoin?

There Are 2 Websites You Can Use To Buy Bitcoin. Let Us Know How To Buy It-

Unocoin- The Best Part Here Is That There Is No Extra Fee To Buy Bitcoin On This Website. If There Is Any Volatility Or Loss In Bitcoin You Can Send Or Keep It Immediately. It Does Not Take Any Charge Box. It Can Also Be Auto-sold.

Zebpay- You Can Also Get Dth Off With The Help Of Bitcoin, From This You Can Also Buy Vouchers From Amazon, And Mmt. Means You Can Also Do Shopping.

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