Why is the price of any product kept at Rs.1 and when? FACTSKINGDOM

Why anything is priced at ₹ 1?

Why is the price of any item kept at ₹ 1 after all, what is the reason behind it, due to which its price is kept at ₹1? FACTSKINGDOM

Hello, friends welcome to all of you. So, friends, we are going to talk here today that why the price of any item is kept at ₹ 1 and when is it kept. Like you guys would get to see. There is such a place, there are many such websites where you get to see a product of ₹ 1. Which is only an offer, it is only available for viewing. So why is it kept and when it is kept, so let’s talk about this in detail…


Let us tell you that if the price of any item is kept at ₹ 1. So there are 2 big benefits to the seller behind this. The first is that if the price of a commodity is reduced by ₹ 1 there is a psychological effect and the customer is also attracted to buy the goods. For example, suppose you are getting a shirt or any item worth ₹ 1300. If you pay attention here, we read a number on the left-right side so that the range of that number is known. Some people will buy the shirt here considering the price of ₹ 1300. So some people would like to buy it considering the price of ₹ 1200 and the seller shop waits for such people and we all also wait for this time. So here the first reason comes out that this is done to attract the customer in a psychological way so that the customer buys whatever goes.


let’s talk about Here what is the second advantage. Let us tell here that if by setting ₹ 1 lower price, the salary is benefited here too because when we buy any item worth ₹ 1 less i.e. ₹ 999, then in most of the cases we get ₹ 1 back. Don’t take it. We leave thinking that we have taken goods worth so much money, now what will we do with it by taking back ₹ 1. After all, he lets the money go, while in the name of some sale and ₹ 1, he gives away poor quality chocolates. As you go to any big mall, you are given any chocolate there in exchange for ₹ 1. Which we sometimes don’t even take.


Here let us tell you that black money also increases due to our not taking one rupee. For example, a company has ₹200 more outlets in India, and 100 customers a day at every outlet doesn’t get their ₹1 back. So in this way, in 1 year that company gets accumulated black money of ₹ 7300000, if we add ₹ 1 to it, then it gets deposited ₹ 7300000 in a year. Which we don’t pay attention to. This money is not recorded in any book my account. Whatever you give one rupee, there is no proof anywhere that you have given ₹ 1 extra there.

In this way, the price should also be there in the online shopping site. Although the first reason works here because customers are attracted due to the price of any item in the online shopping site, but here the second reason does not work because the online shopping site has full payment. Here we do not leave ₹ 1 in any way and we do not allow people to leave even if you pay online.

Now you must have come to know here that why the price of an item is kept as ₹ 1 less or like ₹ 99 rs.199 rs.999 ₹ 1099 and you must have come to know that less than ₹ 1 does not benefit the customer. From there, the shopkeeper gets 2 big benefits from this. Which you guys have fallen in above so that the one who has everything to buy the same. She collects 73 lakh rupees in a month in a year and we do not even know.
So friends, how did you like this information, friends will definitely tell by commenting. Friends, wherever you go, shopkeeper or any mall, then you must take back ₹ 1 from there because even if 100 people go in a day of ₹ 1 band. So you can imagine how much money can be deposited with him, so whenever you go, do not forget to take back ₹ 1 if possible, take it back.

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